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    With great joy I share with you that we are now LIVE STREAMING Sunday Mass.   At 10 am, you should be able to go to FACEBOOK, look up Queen of the World Church, and join us for Mass.   After Mass, you should still be able to call it up to watch it.   If we are able in the near future to bring Sunday Mass to this, our web site, we will let you know.   For now, we invite all our homebound to watch us on Facebook.   If you have someone who does not have a computer or FACEBOOK at home, please take them your phone or computer so they can join us.   Help us spread the word so that many can pray along with us.   


     The dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass remains in place.  But we are now "open" with daily Masses at 7 am and weekend Masses.  If you are healthy and do not have risk factors AND FEEL READY AND COMFORTABLE to be in a larger group, join us.                                                                                      We are following the protocols of the Bishop which are based on the best information from the government and healthcare world.  Bring your mask.  Use only the "Disability Entrance."  Follow the one-way aisles and the seating plan.  We invite families to sit in the middle banks.  Families sit together -- if you are under the same roof at home, you sit together at Church, but distancing from others).  We ask individuals and couples to sit in the outside banks.  Again, couples sit together but at a distance from others.  You will see how the Rite of reception of Holy Communion works.  It is done very carefully and takes a little extra time.  The Bishop invites only those who feel ready for such close personal contact to receive and asks others to cotinue the practice of Spiritual Communion.   He also strongly advises that you receive Communion in the hand.  I would appreciate that as well.  Mass is prayed in a most simple form.  Remember not to gather or congregate before or after Mass.  To date, people have been most cooperative with the protocols.  We hope this helps keep people safe and healthy and, by using every precaution, allows everyone to feel more comfortable while having the opportunity to come to Mass.  Many people are helping with the sanitizing of the Church after every Mass.  If you would like to be part of this needed work, please let us know after Mass.  There are sign-up sheets at Church.                                                                                 May the Lord continue to "come along in our company" as we return to the practice of our faith in public worship.  Pray that He guide us and guard us.  


DAILY MASS  Monday - Saturday  7 am   


Sat. Vigil 5:15 pm; Sunday 7:30 and 10 am

   If you prefer to stay home, watch St. Mark Church, Emporium on FACEBOOK page                                   Beginning at 5 pm or anytime thereafter



     We cannot have scheduled Confessions on Saturdays prior to Mass as we are not permitted to use the Confessionals and there is too much "traffic" in church for privacy.  You are always welcome to call for an appointment, 834-4701.  The next scheduled time for Confessions is Thursday, March 4th at 4 pm.  Please do not arrive prior to 3:45 pm due to school dismissal and our need to have porters in place to facilitate Confessions.  If you arrive before 3:45 pm, please wait in your car.  



Greetings to all QW Parishioners!

     As noted on our parish website (, we are now part of the Yellow Phase in recovery and the Bishop is permitting Eucharistic Adoration.

     I would like to return to our tradition of all-day Thursday Adoration.  But I need to make sure at least two people are present at ALL TIMES.    

     In Church you will find a sign-up table.  We are using ½ hr. intervals to make it easier for people to make a commitment.  Sign up in Church or by calling, 834-4701.  We will start having Adoration once the times are sufficiently covered.       

     Thursday Adoration begins from the conclusion of Morning Mass until 6:30 p.m. with Evening Prayer and Benediction.  We will begin at 8 am until Morning Mass is restored.  This gives us a consistent and lengthy period of time.  Adoration is only interrupted by another liturgy (e.g., a funeral or Holy Day); an important parish or school function; poor weather; or some other extreme emergency.  Remember to keep the current social distance rules in place.     

      Let us try to make this work again as a parish family at prayer.  Members of other parishes are indeed welcome to make a commitment of prayer time. 

      Please give prayerful consideration to this request and help us spread the word to pray on our special day. 

      For the time being, Confessions at QW are by appointment.  We are not permitted to use the Confessional due to the health hazards.  I don’t know to have  the Sacrament in the open body of the Church while keeping social distance and the sanctity of the seal of the Sacrament.  Please call 834-4701 to make an appointment. 

      You continue to be in my daily prayers as we all look forward to some kind of re-start to our sacramental practices and our life together as a parish family.  God’s blessings and my best wishes for your health and well-being --                                               Sincerely,      -- fr. jeff


    The Bishop is permitting Pastoral visits to the homebound once again.  These are restricted to the Pastor, another ordained minister and some Eucharistic Ministers.  I have begun to call those I am aware of, who have been "on my list" to schedule visits little by little until I can catch up with everyone (those who would like a visit and feel "ready.")  Feel free to call the rectory if you have not yet heard from me, 834-4701.  I will schedule with you as soon as possible.  I check our local hospital regularly, though not quite daily yet.    If you or someone in your family is a patient, be sure to tell the hospital you belong to QW and want a pastoral visit.  Also, you are welcome to call the rectory to inform me.                                                            At this time I don't believe our Nursing Care facilities have opened up to visitors.  In an emergency, I would call them to ask if I am able to see a patient.                                                                                      All parishioners, and especially those who are ill, are in my prayers.  Likewise, I pray for all those caring for us in the medical professions, as first responders, and the many who are taking care of our personal  needs with great risk in this time of peril.  I ask you to join me in offering these special prayers.                          Let me also add to this information two notices.  First, to any Eucharistic Minister who has a family member in your home, i.e., a spouse or parent, who is not coming to Church:  you may take Holy Communion to this person in your home with permission from the Bishop.  Secondly, Fr. Kevin, our new Assistant Pastor, will be joining me in visiting the homebound.  As we develop our schedules, we will be contacting you.  Hopefully, in the near future, this means you will be getting a bit more opportunity to have a visit from one of us, bringing you Holy Communion.

                               --  fr. jeff










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