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     I write with some exciting news and a great opportunity!  We are developing a new PARISH PICTORIAL DIRECTORY this summer, for publication later this year.  It's been more than 12 years since our last one, so we are overdue.  I see this as a great tool to unify us as we come out of the pandemic, and as an evangelizing effort to bring people to Queen of the World to be part of our parish family. 

     Photos will be taken July 5th through the 10th and July 12th through the 17th.  Stop by on weekends for more details or go to on weekdays, entering the code:  pa971 and the password:  photos.  Help us spread the word to get as many parishioners on board as possible.  Let's look forward to the completion of this project so we have the great result of a new directory in our hands as a parish reference guide.  As an added bonus, through the directory company we will also have a parish APP for your smartphone for easy access to the directory information and much more about Queen of the World.  Even your pastor is getting more technologically advanced!  Please join us by signing up for your photo session on line or, on weekends, at church.  




    With great joy I share with you that we are now LIVE STREAMING Sunday Mass.   At 10 am, you should be able to go to FACEBOOK, look up Queen of the World Church, and join us for Mass.   After Mass, you should still be able to call it up to watch it.   If we are able in the near future to bring Sunday Mass to this, our web site, we will let you know.   For now, we invite all our homebound to watch us on Facebook.   If you have someone who does not have a computer or FACEBOOK at home, please take them your phone or computer so they can join us.   Help us spread the word so that many can pray along with us.   

WE'RE BACK!                                                                              

DAILY MASS  Monday - Saturday  7 am   


Sat. Vigil 5:15 pm; Sunday 7:30 and 10 am


 Saturday at 4:15 pm until last Penitent, or until 4:45, whichever comes first                                           Thursday before 1st Friday, 4 pm



    We have re-instituted our Thursday day of Adoration at QW.  The Eucharist will be in Exposition from the conclusion of the 7 am Mass until Evening Prayer and Benediction at 6:30 pm.  Many parishioners have pitched in to make a time commitment of 1/2 hour to one hour of prayer to make this possible.  And, we have a list of willing substitutes.  Please stop by the Church to pray whenever you are able, using the center bank of pews.  We ask that you use a disinfectant wipe to restore the pew when you leave.  If you are able to make a commitment for a block of time on Thursdays, please let us know, 814-834-4701.  
         --  fr. jeff










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